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That's me standing in a field of quinoa in Northern California. I discovered that quinoa was a beautiful plant when I went on a journey to find out more about it, and that's what I love about journalism: curiosity is the most important part of the job. I'm especially passionate about stories that highlight people and places that are in danger of being forgotten or simply overlooked in favor of other, shinier objects.


And why do some folks call me the Recipe Whisperer? Because I have a keen eye and palate for getting chefs' recipes perfectly developed and tested from page to plate.

Featured Article

 — Washington Post,

June 7, 2024

Featured in: The Washington Post, NPR, Food & Wine, Eating Well, Better Homes & Gardens, and more.

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"Kristen Hartke wrote a piece on a monk who wrote cookbooks. He was 80 years old and the book was from 1976. She has a wonderful philosophy about older food icons, that their stories aren’t lost to time."
— Joe Yonan, editor, Washington Post Food section

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