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Plantbased Strategies

A completely vegan cheeseboard? Absolutely, and it's easily made in any restaurant kitchen to add dimension to the menu.

An estimated 16 million Americans currently identify as vegetarian or vegan. However, even while plantbased foods continue to be a fast-growing portion of the marketplace, many chefs are uncertain as to how to create menus that satisfy vegetarian guests, typically serving up mushroom risotto, black bean burgers, and an array of side dishes that are heavy on veggies but lack a protein base. Throw "vegan" into the mix, and chefs can struggle to create a meal that doesn't depend on cheese, cream, or butter.

An experienced recipe developer, Kristen reviews restaurant menus with an eye on how to satisfy guests looking for plantbased options, providing careful analysis, suggestions, and even recipe development so that chefs can be sure that they are welcoming everyone to the table and develop repeat customers. 

To schedule a menu review, contact Kristen here

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